My Story

Although, my career began in microbiology that eventually led to ownership of an insurance agency. Ultimately, my passion led to create my own all-natural hot sauce to add heat and flavor to my grilling at my home for friends and family. However, the sample I made at home was loved by so many people that I was encouraged to offer it in the market place. I pursued my passion of course, but wanted to do it in an official fashion.

So I researched the concept of using a co-bottler to manufacture it commercially according to my specific all natural ingredients. In addition, all required nutritional lab work and FDA authorization were successfully completed. Hence on April 23rd, 2018, Mr. Right Sauce was born in the co-bottler's factory in Saint Augustine, Florida, the city of spices.

I'm elated that I achieved my goal to provide a flavorful, vegan friendly, gluten free, low sodium and perfectly spicy all natural hot sauce especially for health conscious consumers.